Winter 2018 iPad Workshops

Need a little extra help navigating your iPad? We’re offering an array of workshops through the Help Desk department from February 5th through March 5th.

Learn about tips and the many resources available to you on your iPad.

When: February 5th – March 5th
Where: Building 151 5th Floor

Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam at the 151 Library!

Hey Everyone, don’t forget  tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam at the 151 Library starting at 12:30 sharp.

Come hang out with us, take a break from the busy rush of your day, read a poem, sing a song, have a snack, or just bond with the greater campus community as we celebrate True Love!

Really looking forward to seeing you there!






Awesome Students, Access TopSchool:

  1. From the homepage click on “All Programs” button.
  2. Scroll down and click “Swedish Institute Links” (it’s blue!)
  3. Select “TopSchool” from drop down menu.

Or to be taken directly to TopSchool page click HERE

A very crowded library

But wait…cause there’s more!

To Sign into Swedish Email:

  1. From the homepage click on “All Programs” button.
  2. Scroll down and click “Swedish Institute Links” (it’s blue!)
  3. Select “My Email” from drop down menu.

To Search Proquest:

  1. From the homepage click on “All Programs” button.
  2. Scroll down to and click on “Database Subscriptions” (it’s green!)
  3. Click the database of choice.

Still need help??? 

Stop by the library on the 4th floor of 151 or on the 6th floor of 226. 

Ridiculously happy librarians are standing by waiting to assist.                                

The happy librarians are very excited

All About Databases

Databases are online repositories of information that are created by a publisher for a specific purpose.

Search Engines are online vehicles used to search the World Wide Web.

Search Engines

  • Search the World Wide Web
  • Unlimited results
  • Results from websites
  • Results lack authority control (risky!)
  • Results created by anyone
  • Generate profit through selling ads


  • Search “closed” collection
  • Results are more focused
  • Results are from scientific publications
  • All results pre-selected based on legitimacy
  • Product of International research community
  • Paid subscriptions/no ads

Swedish Institute Databases:

For instructions on how to access the these databases from home please visit the library and ask the library staff.

  • Nursing and Allied Health
  • Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
  • Ebrary

Other Research Tools

Swedish Institute Library Catalog:
Search our many classic titles as well as current textbooks, Journals, DVD’s, and other print options on Cybertools.

NYPL Resources: (must have NYPL Card to access – see library for details)

Know what kind of website you are using!

The type of domain is determined by the last sections of the URL (Universal Resource Locator). In the example below com is the Top Level Domain and determines that his is a Commercial domain

For scientific research at school or work…

.gov –  Government
.mil – Military (also a government site)
.edu – College or University

.com – Commercial
.org – Not for profit organization
.net – General (no specific kind of organization)

Great Sites for Research:

MedLine Plus:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:


APA Assistance:

The Purdue OWL: