Sunday, April 3, 2011

Advanced Personal Training Program Launched

Vincent Metzo

Swedish Institute is proud to announce the launch of the Advanced Personal Training Program, leading to an Associate in Occupational Studies degree. Vincent Metzo, chair of the Science Department for the Massage Therapy Program, will be the dean for Advanced Personal Training.

Many people associate Swedish Institute exclusively with massage therapy, and we do have the oldest continuously operating massage therapy program in the United States. What is less well known is that we also have roots in the area of fitness.

Massage therapy, while part of the original curriculum, was part of a system of physical culture and medical gymnastics which Theodore Melander, our founder, learned in Sweden and brought to the United States. He originally founded the Swedish Gymnastics Institute around the year 1913, and taught a system of wellness and healing, which included medical gymnastics, massage and other forms of physiotherapy.

The school became known as the Swedish Institute of Physiotherapy in 1916 and operated under that name until 1954. At that time, it reached a crossroad in the educational process and the owner and director, Lillian Phillips, decided to exclusively pursue massage therapy as the focus of the curriculum at the Institute.