Sunday, April 3, 2011

"A Senior Moment" Blog

Marie Judith Joseph

Aside from thanking God and my parents for carrying me through this tumultuous, challenging, arduous one year and a half while attending to my studies at Swedish Institute, I cannot thank enough my lovely Liz Jacobs for her maternal, incessant & eternal love & care for all of her students, giving her ALL to see to it that her students succeed and looking out for me when I lost her grasp; Vincent "Mr. Neurology of all Neurology Scholars'' Metzo, for his impeccable and amazingly infinite amount of knowledge he owns in that gift of a brain of his; Gary Williams - The Tools Whisperer - for believing in me, MJ, when I reached a point I lost hope in myself; Caren Messing for showing me that a Medical Massage Therapist actually exists within me when I couldn't find her in me; Charles Pegg for reminding me of that hard-working, multi-tasked researcher in me that once existed & bringing out the Sports Massage / SISTEM Cheerleader out of me; Mark Proctor for believing in my hands as a contributing gift in therapeutic massage & always making time to chat about career steps; Geoff Dawe for his wisdom and also the giggles to break the ice when learning became so serious & intense for me when I should have been a little more relaxed; Scott Dietsch for his patience and for his time even at his most busiest to take the time to make SURE I was really "getting it"; Thom Paul for the smiles, laughs & counseling; Lohk Min Lee for EVERYTHING!!!! Janine Strenta for not only laying down the path of faith for me but also lending me her shoulders to cry on when life outside of school became so overwhelming; and the one & only Russ Beasley, who brought to light my PURPOSE when reflecting on all semesters past. It is not an easy pair of shoes to fill as a student here at The Swede. I've learned an infinite amount of things never imagined before I enrolled in this school and I want you all to know you've marked yourselves permanently in my life.

With all my gratitude, love & cheers,
Your student & fellow Massage Therapy family member,
Marie Judith Joseph - aka "MJ"