Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alumni Published in Acupuncture Today

Nicholas Sieben, LAc (’08) has had the distinction of being published in the August 2011 issue of Acupuncture Today. His article, “The Sinew Channels: A Lesson in Wei Qi”, focuses on a famous text entitled the Ling Shu. The Ling Shu suggests that the rich wisdom of acupuncture is at risk of being lost if it is not preserved. The full power of acupuncture, as a complete system of medicine, is said to be contained within its teachings.

Nicholas also writes about the historic use of nine needles in acupuncture, compared to the single style of needle popular today. “This is as an "ode" to the wisdom of the Ling Shu, as well as to my own teacher Jeffrey Yuen. I am committed to help preserve the art of the needle, as presented in its original form.”

Congratulations to Nicholas on his accomplishment.