Monday, February 22, 2010

Ericka Clinton is Light-Hearted on Sirius

Ericka Clinton
Clinic director Ericka Clinton was a guest on a Martha Stewart Radio program on Monday, February 8, giving hosts Kim Fernandez and Betsy Karetnick tips on how to provide a loved one with a massage for Valentine’s Day.

The first question for Ericka: Why is it that when you give someone a massage at home, it often starts out with a kind of shriek of surprise from the receiver? That’s not what happens during a professional massage. How do you ensure a smooth start?

As it turns out, the host confessed that she often wants to dig in with a “Vulcan death grip”. Ericka laughed, and suggested the most basic element of offering massage: take your time.

“Rub your hands together briskly to warm them up,” Ericka advised. “Just place your hands on the receiver’s low back and hold them there, to get the ‘conversation’ going.” She encouraged simple gliding strokes up along the spine and around the shoulder blades, just enough to get the muscles warmed and increase the blood flow.

The hosts asked what they should do if they find a “knot” in someone’s back, should they “knead” it, could they use the “Vulcan death grip” then? Ericka laughed again. “Well, kneading and working out knots would involve more advanced knowledge,” she replied. “If you find a lot of knots, then you’ll want to give your loved one the gift of a professional massage.”