Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swedish Institute Certification for Professional Labor Assistants In Association with Niara Healing Arts

Friday - Sunday June 17 - 19, 2011

with Susanrachel Condon, LMT, LCE, LM and Richard Condon, LMT

This course is the introductory workshop for aspiring professional labor companions (doulas) who seek a comprehensive, hands-on, experiential and multimedia approach to learning. We will cover the physiology of labor, birth and the postnatal period, the needs of women in labor, massage and Shiatsu techniques, various approaches to support, challenging situations, professionalism, marketing and networking. Those who complete this training will be prepared to begin attending labors/births immediately. Ongoing mentorship from the instructor will be offered for those participants who wish to obtain certification. Requirements for certification completion are set forth by Niara Healing Arts in collaboration with Swedish Institute and are fulfulled through independent study.

Susanrachel Condon

Susanrachel Condon, LMT, LCE, LM  graduated from the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Midwifery Program in 1998. She was certified to teach childbirth preparation, newborn care and breastfeeding classes in 1996 by the Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York (CEAMNY) and served two terms as President of the CEAMNY Board of Directors. Susanrachel has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991. She served on the faculty of Swedish Institute for more than ten years and currently participates extensively in their continuing education program. Since 1994, she has taught Bodywork for the Childbearing Cycle, a nationally accredited certification course for massage and bodywork professionals. She and her husband Richard, a massage therapist and certified Advanced Rolfer, have produced an advanced techniques video on the subject in addition to a DVD for couples and childbirth professionals. She has lectured widely as a private consultant at conferences, hospitals, birth centers, schools and spas. Susanrachel holds a BFA in Art Therapy and has studied birth counseling with Gayle Peterson and counseling for pregnant survivors of sexual abuse with Penny Simkin.