Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Wireless Network

A new wireless network has been installed at Swedish Institute.
Information to access the new wireless network can be found in the library, student lounge or at reception.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring 2012 Professional Development & Ethics Classes

DATE: Spring 2012
To All Massage Therapy Students:

A reminder that if you have missed any Professional Development classes from last semester (or any previous semester) you must make them up this semester. Attendance for all PDE classes is mandatory. **If the Incomplete is not resolved by the end of this semester, the ENTIRE PDE COURSE from that level will have to be repeated, at full tuition. In this case you will be re-scheduled to take all classes from that course (PDE-I, PDE-II, PDE-III or PDE-IV). If you have any questions about which PDE classes you have missed you can email Ellen Krueger, Chair of the Professional Dev. Dept. at [email protected] or call (212) 924-5900 ext. 316 and please leave your student ID #.

In-Class Make-Ups:
Get a make-up form from the receptionist on the 5th floor before you go into class. The fee is $25. Have the instructor enter your name in the roll book, sign your form and hand the make-up form back in to the receptionist so you will receive credit for the class.
A schedule of professional development classes for the current term is available in the Student Lounge or on our website (docs.theswede.me).

It is always preferable to do the make-up in class to receive maximum benefit from the small group activities and class discussions, which are an integral part of learning. If you cannot attend the missed class this semester, you are allowed ONE TUTORIAL make-up for all of PD 1, 2 and 3 level classes combined and ONE TUTORIAL make-up for all PD 4 classes. The tutorial fee is $40. for 1½ hrs. and is paid directly to the tutorial instructor. A list of tutorial teachers and contact numbers is at the 5th fl. receptionist office. Get a Tutorial Make-Up Form from the reception area, have your instructor sign it and return the form to the receptionist for credit.

4th Level Students:
Students who have not completed all PD classes (Levels 1-3) before the final exam (7th or 8th week of PDE-IV) will not be eligible to sit for the exam until they have done so and will need to schedule a make-up test date for a fee of $25.

Students currently in Swedish II:
Make sure to sign up for the upcoming Business II class at the 5th floor receptionist’s desk. Classes begin the week of May 20th.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Ellen Krueger, Chair of the Professional Dev. Dept. at Ext. 316 or at [email protected]