Thursday, July 24, 2014

A DEPARTURE NOTE: Goodbye to Dante

Longtime Massage Therapy instructor, Dante Mele, will be leaving his teaching position to move to Palm Springs, California. (But Dante, it’s too hot there and getting hotter--reconsider!!) Dante has taught at Swedish Institute for 17 years. During those years he has showered his many gifts as a teacher in Swedish I, Swedish II, Professional Development, and Palpation classes, and in each course, Dante has inspired a new group of students.  Because of his grace, ease, knowledge, and experience, he has been a much sought after instructor—students  literally beg to be put in his classes. Dante’s teaching joins genuine passion for massage therapy with compassion and high standards. As one student puts it “he is nurturing and demanding at the same time”.  His focus is on how his students will learn best, and on how to create an environment that is comfortable and invites student learning and creativity. As one student put it:  “He explains things and I just get it—he knows how people learn” Or as another exclaimed: “Dante--you are the example of professionalism, enthusiasm, and charisma that made this class so educational”.  And another: “I leave here exhausted from thinking”. Dante, you will be truly missed by your students and colleagues, and we thank you for giving so much and enlightening and exhausting so many during your 17 years here. We wish you all good things in hot! and sunny Palm Springs, and hope you’ll come back to visit (and cool off)  often.

Dante’s farewell:
“For the last 17 3/4 years the Swedish Institute has been a place of daily learning, sharing, growth and joy for me. i am grateful to teachers, staff and students for an experience that will enrich every day hence. i wish at least the same for you. may our lives be our meditation.    happy trails...indeed!”