Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Service-Learning Activities with VISONS (services for the blind and visually impaired)

Service-learning (SL) is a teaching method which combines community service with academic instruction; it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Service-learning programs involve students in an organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing academic skills, social responsibility, and commitment to community.

VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization whose purpose is to develop and implement programs to assist people of all ages who are blind and visually impaired to lead independent and active lives in their homes and communities.

Swedish Institute and VISIONS at Selis Manor (by 23rd street) agreed to conduct a series of health fair on a regular basis for the year 2014. This partnership will allow our Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant (CAMA) students to put into practice lessons learned in the classroom prior to externship. Under the supervision of our faculty, students are taught to triage, take vital signs and hone their customer service and oral communication skills. What makes VISIONS different from the rest of the SL activities is that our students are exposed to a distinct type of population that requires due diligence in care and sensitivity in patient care. Our CAMA students, as shown in the left photo, are in their 4th quarter of the program. Students enjoy the experience and are looking forward to more of SL activities.