Friday, August 15, 2014

Theresa Robbinson Assumes a New position as Retention Coordinator

Retention is defined as the number of students in a cohort who persist over a defined period of time toward the academic goal of program completion or graduation or both.  The task in guiding the students to reach this goal is simply herculean and involves not merely the faculty (majority weighs on instructional engagement) and academic administration but the entire school community from senior administration, admissions, financial aid, bursar, career services, alumni, registration, facility, and reception. As one famous former government official states in her book “it takes a village”.

Theresa is no stranger to any of us as she has worked in the reception for a year and currently, as an admissions counselor since 2012. Her role in this department gives her an added perspective of the challenges that our students (will) face as they go through and navigate the various facets of student life. She will bring to the position a well-rounded approach on customer service, focus- learning, direction, and engagement.

Ms Robbinson completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at the University of Cincinnati and pursuing her Masters in Social Sciences at the Long Island University.

Ms Robbinson will assume the new position effective August 11. Her office is temporarily housed at the Nursing faculty room. Let us all welcome and wish Theresa the best with her new role at Swedish.  “Getting them and keeping them. How to make it happen”